After Getting Arrested

After Getting Arrested

You should know what to expect after getting arrested.

There are few things in life as stressful and unsettling as getting arrested. It helps to know what to expect in the hours, weeks and months following your arrest.

To begin with, the police will handcuff you, probably with your hands behind your back. They do that for safety reasons and rarely, if ever, make exceptions. Then, they will search you. If you have any illegal items, and they miss them, those items likely will turn up in the second search at the jail. That could lead to additional charges of taking contraband into a jail.

The police will drive you to the county jail, where you will be photographed, fingerprinted, and possibly given a brief examination by a jail nurse. You will be searched again. This can include a cavity search. You will turn over your personal belongings, receive a receipt, and likely be issued a jumpsuit and slip-on shoes. From there, you will go to a holding cell.

Remember, do not talk to anyone in the jail about getting arrested or the specifics of your case. The guy in the cell with you might seem friendly enough – until he testifies against you. And that phone you’re allowed to use? Careful what you say there, as well. Conversations with anyone other than an attorney are not protected, and can be recorded.